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Enterprise Social Network

JUST SOCIAL‘s enterprise social network connects all employees and enables open and transparent communication throughout your company.



Your personal newsfeed on your start page shows you everything at a glance. It summarizes everything that is relevant for you across all apps. And it is easily customizable: just follow profiles, groups or documents to stay up to date.


Our profiles are much more than just digital business cards: they offer rich information about your colleages‘ skills, activities and comments. And they are fully searchable which lets you find people by expertise fast and easily. Don‘t search. Just find.


No matter whether you want to communicate with your team, your department or the entire organization: our groups let you share information in an easy and engaging way. Stop emailing and start communicating. Your colleagues will be thankful.


Organizing events such as seminars or trainings with email is a real pain. That‘s why our event feature provides you with participant status, waiting lists as well as export to your calender. The perfect tool for the perfect event. Enjoy.


From simple notes to complex documents: our wiki enables you to create content pages together with your colleagues fast and easily. Its text editor lets you track changes between different versions, link pages or export to PDF. 


The newsblog is the digital newspaper of your organization. It provides with everything you need to create great content such as slide shows, scheduled publishing and archiving. And for bigger editorieal teams we also offer content workflows. Nice.