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Just Page

Just Page provides you with a powerful enterprise social network. Keep your colleages updated on the latest news and publish beautiful content pages together: that‘s how you create engaging social intranets.

  • Personalized newsfeed
  • Collaborative content pages
  • News pages with blogs and microblogs
  • Event pages
  • Searchable and customizable profilese
  • Surveys and polls

News channels & news feed..

Your newsfeed keeps you updated about everything that‘s new in your company. Customize your newsfeed easily by following news channels. Stop the madness of sending e-mails to everybody. That‘s how communication works today.

Wiki & content management.

Our wiki pages provide you with everything you need for creating beautiful content pages fast and easily: from versioning to tracking changes to publishing workflows: content management can be so much fun.

News articles..

Our news articles enable you to create great content in no time flat. A wide range of easy-to-use yet powerful features assist you in the editorial process: from setting publishing dates to approval workflows to archiving – it‘s all there. Nice.


Organizing events such as seminars or trainings with email is a real pain. That‘s why our event feature provides you with participant status, waiting lists as well as export to your calender. The perfect tool for the perfect event. Enjoy.


Our profiles are much more than just digital business cards: they offer rich information about your colleages‘ skills. And they are fully searchable which lets you find people by expertise – find out who knows what with just one click.


Just Page lets you create surveys fast and easily. No matter if you want to measure employee satisfaction, evaluate a training or coordinate an appointment with a group of people: our surveys are flexible and down for whatever.