Just Drive

Just Drive

Just Drive lets you share documents fast and easily. Create drives and give permissions within seconds. Share files and edit them directly in Just Drive with our Filesync app. It‘s all there. And it is a real pleasure to use.

  • Drives and folders
  • Seamless editing of files
  • Versioning
  • Drag and drop
  • Fulltext search
  • File preview

Drives and folders.

Just Drive enables you to create drives for sharing files and folders fast and easily. Just enter the name of the drive and give other users permission to read, write or administrate the drive – and off you go.

Seamless editing.

Our Filesync App lets you open, edit and save your files with the respective application directly in Just Drive. The tiresome process of downloading, saving and uploading files when editing them is history – wonderful.


Just Drive provides you with an automatic versioning which allows you to view and restore all prior versions of your files. And it saves time and nerves for not having to constantly rename your files when uploading new versions.

File preview..

Just Drive generates a preview of every file so you can view its content within split seconds. You neither have to download the file nor wait for the respective application to open. If time is money, then our previews will make you rich.

Fulltext search.

Our fulltext search engine runs through every single word in every single file you and your colleagues upload to Just Drive. You can also add key words if you want to tag your files in a systematic way. Search. Find. Enjoy.

Drag and drop.

Of course Just Drive supports drag and drop for the upload of files. Furthermore it provides you with a very handy clipboard for cutting and pasting files from one folder to another. Sounds good? Then go check it out.