All collaboration tools in one place

Real-time Collaboration

Our chat enables teamwork in real-time: lightning fast, easy to use, and beautifully black. You and your entire team will love it.


One-to-one & group chats

Our chat supports both one to one and group chats: just type in a name for your group and invite your colleages – and off you go. Leave the age of email ping pong and start communicating in a simpler and easier way. It will make all the difference.


Our chat is built not only for the exchange of messages but also for sharing documents. It allows you to preview documents without the need for downloading and starting other programs to open them. Save time. And nerves.


A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why people share about 1.6 billion images daily on Whatsapp alone. Similarly, our enables you to easily exchange screen designs, trade show pictures and more with your team. Desktop and mobile.


Emojis have become the global sign language. People worldwide send 6 trillion emojis per day over mobile messaging apps alone. Our chat brings emojis to your company to allow for short and joyful communications. You will love your work.


Our powerful search enables you to search through all chats with a single search request. Thereby it takes into account all chat contents including messages and documents - and still responds in a split second. German Engineering at its very best.

Desktop & Mobile

41.5 trillion messages are being sent daily over mobile messaging apps alone – and rising. That‘s why it goes without saying that our chat is available not only for desktop browsers but also as mobile Apps for Android and iOS. Download it now.