All collaboration tools in one place

Simple. Beautiful. Powerful.

JUST SOCIAL‘s features offer the same simplicity as comparable stand alone apps. Yet all features are beautifully integrated. The result: a great one stop solution for collaboration – finally.


All collaboration tools.
In one place.

JUST SOCIAL provides you with all collaboration tools you need, fully integrated in an easy-to-use and 
beautifully designed one stop solution. Finally.


Everything at a glance.

Have you always dreamt of seeing everything that matters at a glance? Then wake up and check out your start page: it summarizes all news and information relevant to you. And of course you can customize it, too. Welcome to JUST SOCIAL.

Everything at a glance
Customizable filters (Serverversion)

Find everything. Fast.

Our powerful search engine simultaneously runs through all contents and apps of JUST SOCIAL. In other words, you find eyerything no matter what and where it is. The result: nothing gets lost anymore but is just one click away. You gonna love it.

Lightning fast
Runs through all contents and apps
Multiple search options
Full-text search within documents

Mobile apps. Check.

JUST SOCIAL provides you with mobile apps for seamless access to your colleagues, messages and documents from anywhere: via mobile website or app for Android and iOS.

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Cloud or Server.

You can either use JUST SOCIAL in our cloud for a monthly fee and we take care of everyting else. Or you can purchase a software license and run JUST SOCIAL on your own server. The choice is yours

  • Cloud service
  • Quick and easy
  • Great price
  • Downloadable software
  • IT integration possible
  • Maximum customizability