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A picture is worth a 1000 words.

When you start Just Social, you will be welcomed by the front page of your digital staff magazine. It works similar to newspapers and magazines: The full screen images enable inspiring communication and make you want for more.

Everything at a glance. Finally.

Your homescreen is your digital toolbox which integrates everything at a glance: from your Just Social apps to other tools to your social media accounts. Personalize your home screen with drag-and-drop. Add apps with just a click. Nice.

For beautiful communication.

Our News app enables you to easily create beautiful news articles and share them with your colleagues. The result: an exciting digital staff magazine that also saves you a lot of emails. Give it a try and you will love your work.

Teamwork can be so beautiful.

Our Connect app enables you to chat with your colleagues just as you are used to from your favorite messengers. Thanks to our numerous security features, your communication is optimally protected. Be safe or be square.

Sharing know-how can be fun.

Our Wiki app allows you to you easily create content and document the knowledge of your company. From general information to quality management handbooks to project wikis - knowledge management can be so nice.

Share & store files. Easily.

Our Drive app allows you to exchange files with your colleagues and store them in a structured way. What makes Drive different from other file sharing apps? Drive is so quick and easy-to-use that even storing files is a lot of fun.

Your employee directory.

People is your digital employee directory. Search the entire profiles of your colleagues and find experts in a split second. And: You can create groups and soon use them in all Just Social apps for authorizations. Yes, that is very, very nice.

Share to do lists with style & ease.

Our List app lets you create and share tasks and to do lists with your colleagues. We have kept List really simple so that it is fun to work with. If you are looking for a complex tool to manage projects that nobody will use – swipe left.

Events & Surveys
Organize and engage with ease.

With our events you can organize e.g. summer parties and manage the list of participants. Check out all the events in our calendar view. Our surveys offer you flexible options from multiple choice to free text to exporting results.

Jitsi (optional)
Online Meetings. Easy & secure.

Jitsi is a powerful yet incredibly simple video conferencing tool. For a small additional cost, you get your own Jitsi system with unlimited access for all your colleagues - GDPR-compliant and hosted in Germany, of course too.


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